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2006 BMW 325i


BMW 325i

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  • Customer says that after gas was put in vehicle, the engine started shaking. In addition, vehicle needs oil level sensor. Vehicle has no dipstick.
  • Inspection revealed code for misfire in cylinder 5. Swapped ignition coil with cylinder 1 and misfire has traveled. Cylinder 5 coil is faulty and needs to be replaced. Replaced cylinder 5 ignition coil, cleared code, test drove vehicle and code did not return.
  • IGNITION COIL: remove and replace, cylinder 5 (includes testing)
  • Confirmed code for faulty oil level sensor. Replaced sensor, changed oil, cleared code, test drove vehicle and code did not return.
  • OIL LEVEL SENSOR: remove and replace
  • Full-service oil change performed: drained old oil and added up to 7 quarts of TekStar full synthetic 5W30 motor oil; replaced oil filter; checked tire pressure and inflated tires to proper level; checked fluids and filled to proper level (windshield washer, brake, power-steering, and transmission).
Josh H. gave our service a 5 star review on 7/20/2022
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